We Ask - Is this Osama Bin Laden?

Dudley, West Midlands, UK


Since shortly after the tragic events of 9-11, this wall has appeared in Dudley, United Kingdom. Peasants report hearing anti-American whooping coming from the area and some even claim to have been actively recruited by the wall in order to form a hideous black country faction of the Al-Quiada network. An army that surely is bent on consolidating the nuclear weapons cash of the region and launching simultaneous strikes on Washington, London and Wolverhampton.

But how has Bin Laden managed this transformation?

Facial reconstruction expert Dr. Mike Cleff told us that a new technique known as human/asphalt mastication could easily achieve this. This is how it works -


The body of the patient is hacked up into eatable chunks and placed in a big super mouth, first devised at the University of California in America. This is combined with every day pavement making the materials cheap and available to 3rd world nations like Afghanistan and Dudley.


The Mastication Process


The super mouth chews up the human/pavement dinner and a special tongue molds the mixture into biological bricks. After 2 months of reconstructive cementing the brain is finally replaced and the patient can resume their life with their new identity.

A biological brick.